Gradle Vaadin Plugin 1.2 released

I am happy to announce a new minor version of the plugin! Here are the most prominent changes with the 1.2 release. Plugin id changes The old plugin id (fi.jasoft.plugin.vaadin) has long referenced a site that has not existed in a long time so it was time to update the id. The fi.jasoft part of the plugin name has been changed to com.devsoap and the plugin can now be applied to your project by using the following: plugins { id 'com.devsoap.plugin.vaadin" version "1.2.0" } #### Spring Boot JAR packaging »

Never compile your widgetset again with Gradle build-cache

Widgetset compile is one of the most time-consuming things in any Vaadin build. On a fast machine it will usually take from just under one minute up to several minutes every time we launch a build . If we are using a smart build system like Gradle, along with a smart plugin that can monitor the inputs of the compilation we can get away with only compiling when something changes, but still in reality we will have to re-compile it from time to time. While long build times usually are not a problem when building on a CI server like Jenkins, »

Building Spring Boot Vaadin applications with Gradle

Alright, so you have been bitten by the Spring Boot bug and want to write your Vaadin applications using Spring Boot and Gradle. How would you get started? 1. Create a Gradle Spring Boot project First off create a standard Gradle project with a build.gradle file and nothing else and add the following to build.gradle: // build.gradle plugins { id 'com.devsoap.plugin.vaadin' version '1.2.1' id 'org.springframework.boot' version '1.5.3.RELEASE' } jar { baseName = 'myapp' version = '0.0.1-SNAPSHOT' } springBoot { // Main class of @SpringBootApplication mainClass = 'com.example.test.Application' } 2. Initialize project Now, to »

Converting a Vaadin Maven project to Gradle

So you started out with creating a new Vaadin project in Eclipse and it created a Maven project and after a while you have noticed it isn't working out for you and want to switch to Gradle to make your life easier. The good news is that Gradle provides great tooling for upgrading your project from Maven to Gradle and with the Gradle Vaadin plugin you will be happily running with Gradle in no time. To demonstrate the approach I have taken the Vaadin Spreadsheet tutorial provided by Vaadin over at It is a typical »

Gradle Vaadin Plugin 0.11 beta released

Gradle Vaadin Plugin 0.11 is probably the biggest release since the first version of the plugin came out nearly 4 years ago. Many things under the hood has changed and improved, mostly because of improvements in Gradle itself, but also new features have been added which will help especially those in a more enterprise project. But lets have a look at the major features this release brings. Java 8 and Gradle 2.12 required To be able to make many of the improvements made in 0.11 new features of Gradle needed to be used. That meant that the »