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Become a PRO (for the price of a coffee)

Writing software for the Open Source community and its developers is both fun and rewarding. You get to meet cool hombres and kick-ass chicks and at the same time do what we developers know best, code like a *****. This is why I've been doing this for so many years, and aim to do it for many more.

But at the same time, realities often set in and as with everything funding is needed for the most basic things. This is not only true for us coders, this is true for artists, musicians, politicians, lawyers and all other shady peeps. The difference is how transparent we are about it.

So, I've set up a PRO subscription which you can get for the price of one or two cappuccinos a month and with it you will get the following:

  • You get the new features first. Before the rest. Way before the rest.
  • Your bug tickets on Github with get a ``PRO`` tag, meaning it gets priority over everything else. (*)
  • Access to PRO only documentation in DS Docs
  • A good and fuzzy feeling knowing you are supporting a Open Source project
* I don't yet know how this would work as I am not gathering Github nicknames of PRO members. If you have any idea, let me know :)

Those are the initial things I came up with, if you can think of more just comment in the comment section below and I'll consider adding more features for the PRO members.

If you represent a school or other non-profit and think this is still too much but would like use the products, send a email to sponsor@devsoap.com and explain your situation. I believe we should all help each other out where we can.

You can buy a subscription via the Store, located at https://devsoap.com/store. It uses PayPal as the payment provider so you'll need a PayPal account.

Update 11.2.2019

Lots of you have opted to support our project via subscriptions, and that is awesome!

To make it even better  we have added a new product DS Gradle Cloud Cache to the subscription. Caching Gradle builds can improve your build time with up to 80% so we though our users should have easy access to the feature. We hope you like it and make good use of the cache!