DS Gradle Cloud Cache

Take build performance to the next level with a distributed cache.

Easy installation

The only thing you need to do to enable the plugin for your project is to add the following snippet to your settings.gradle file. After that the cache is ready to use for any Gradle build that uses the Gradle cache.

Works with ANY Gradle build

The build cache integrates fully with the native Gradle build cache enabling you to use the cache with any projects. Use it with Java, Groovy, Kotlin or any Gradle compatible project.

1 week cache retention

The cache will have a retention period of one week giving you ample time to use cached artifacts. For best performance have your CI/CD build the artifacts on changes to always leverage the latest changes.

Backed by Amazon S3

The cache object storage is backed by Amazon S3 located in the northern region (north-1) to provide fast and reliable caching around the world.

Included in PRO and ENTERPRISE subscriptions

The Gradle cache is included in all subscriptions. Why try to set up your own distributed cache when you get one free with your subscription?