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New beta releases out for both Vaadin Flow and Vaadin 8

Two new beta releases was released this weekend for both Vaadin 10-14 and for Vaadin 8. The new released beta versions are:

Vaadin 8 :
DS Gradle Vaadin Plugin                                     2.0.0.beta2

Vaadin 10/14 :
DS Gradle Vaadin Flow Plugin                            1.3.0.beta4

Preparing for Gradle 6

Gradle 6 will bring with it some breaking changes to the Gradle plugin API that will not be backward compatible across major versions. To start moving towards that direction the new beta versions will now require Gradle 5.6 as the minimum version of Gradle.

This means that if your project is using an older version of Gradle you will need to upgrade the version. If you are using the Gradle Wrapper (which you should) you need to update the wrapper version and re-run the wrapper task.

Getting to stable

The plugins will remain in beta until Gradle 6 is released. At that point, the plugins will require Gradle 6 to achieve the longest possible forward compatibility.