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Gradle Vaadin Plugin to be included in Vaadin 11 Platform

As some of you already have suspected today it became offical that the Gradle Vaadin Plugin made by Devsoap Inc. will become the foundation that the next major Vaadin Framework 11 Platform release will be built upon.

This announcement was made by CEO Joonas Lehtinen from Vaadin late last night on Twitter:

Shortly there after a teaser video was released where in the beginning you can already see the plugin in action:

This sure will be exciting times for Vaadin community as they will be able to embrace the power of the Gradle eco-system and it is a pleasure to see the hard work the Vaadin community has made over the years paying off in this kind of big way!

For a full listing of what is planned for Vaadin 11 see https://vaadin.com/blog/vaadin-11-is-now-available-with-gradle-support-and-new-components

Exciting times ahead!


As usual the Gradle Vaadin Plugin is available to download from the Gradle Plugin Directory.

For more information about how to use the plugin see https://github.com/devsoap/gradle-vaadin-flow/wiki

If you find any issues do not hesitate to create an issue at https://github.com/devsoap/gradle-vaadin-flow/issues