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Gradle Vaadin Flow plugin M6 released

The Gradle Vaadin Flow M6 release brings Spring Boot and multi-module support for the plugin.

This will be the last Milestone release for the plugin, which after the plugin will start targeting the first stable 1.0 release aimed for production use!

Spring Boot support

The plugin now includes full support for building Spring Boot projects. To enable the support you will need to include the official Spring Boot plugin in your build.

plugins {
    id "org.springframework.boot" version "2.0.5.RELEASE"
    id "com.devsoap.vaadin-flow" version "1.0.0.M6"

Once you have the plugin applied you can creating a new Spring Boot project by just issuing the vaadinCreateProject command.

For a fully working example have a look a the project hosted at https://github.com/devsoap/examples/tree/master/flow-spring-tutorial. It is the standard flow-spring-tutorial converted to use Gradle and the plugin instead of Maven.

Multi-module support

This release also included improvements to how multi-module projects are handled.

Upcoming breaking changes

To guarantee the longest possible forward compatibility, M6 is the last release to support Gradle 4.x. For the 1.0 stable release, the plugin will start to require the use of Gradle 5. This means that the release of 1.0 will coincide with the release of Gradle 5 as close as possible.

To start preparing your project for Gradle 5 you can take Gradle 5 snapshots into use by using the Gradle wrapper with the latest snapshot versions of Gradle:

./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=5.0-milestone-1

While M6 does not officially support Gradle 5 it should work for most use-cases already.

If you do see a warning, or something is broken then please report it to the issue tracker. This will allow us to build a stable first release on top of Gradle 5.


As usual the release is available to download from the Gradle Plugin Directory.

For more information about how to use the plugin see https://github.com/devsoap/gradle-vaadin-flow/wiki

If you find any issues do not hesitate to create an issue at https://github.com/devsoap/gradle-vaadin-flow/issues