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Gradle Vaadin Flow 1.0 released!

Gradle Vaadin Flow 1.0 provides you with the most performant and easy to use build integration for Vaadin Flow applications today. I'm happy to announce that the plugin now has reached production ready status!

After 17 pre-releases and countless testing and bugfixes it is about time the plugin gets a stable release. I know some of you have been eagerly waiting for this :)

It has been a joy working on the plugin and a big thank you goes out to those who have tested the plugin and given excellent feedback at such an early stage of the project. I don't think it would have been possible to iron out most of the edges without your help.

A big thank you also goes out to the project sponsors who have made this project possible. By providing Open-Source sponsoring for the project they have made it possible to work on this project and provide you with a Gradle integration for your Vaadin projects. If you want to join them be sure to check out the Sponsorship page to find out how you also could help out with the project funding.

Here is s short list of features it provides:

  • Allows you to easily create a new Vaadin Flow project based on Gradle best practices. To get started just follow the simple steps provided in the Getting Started tutorials in the Wiki (no ide, intellij and eclipse).

  • Provides an easily pluggable way of running the project on Jetty or Tomcat (wiki)

  • Provides full integration with Spring Boot.

  • Provides full support for production mode compilation.

  • Provides full integration with Gradle Cache.

  • And more...

For more information check out the product page.

But of course we are not done yet, we are only getting started!

Now it is your turn to take the project into use and give feedback of what is still missing or what does not work. If there is a feature or tweak you would like or you spot a bug that is preventing you from using the plugin be sure to submit an issue into the issue tracker over at Github.

To read more about the different releases and what they contained be sure to check out the blog articles , example projects, or the project wiki.

Happy building!