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Free PRO subscriptions for collaborators

Do you like to help out improving the tools we use?

Don't want to pay for your PRO subscription?

Now is your chance!

For every pull request that get merged into a Devsoap product repository you will get a 1 Month Free PRO subscription for that product!

The subscription time is added to any previous subscription so by contributing 12 pull requests that get merged you will have earned yourself a year of PRO subscription worth $100. If you already have a PRO subscription you can now increase its validity by contributing!

How does it work?

When you submit a Pull Request to the Github repository and it gets merged the email address used in the pull request commit will be used for registering the subscription.

If you don't have a subscription for that email address from before then you will be sent an email with your PRO subscription credentials you can then use as any purchased subscription.

If you already have a subscription, then the validity time of that subscription is increased by 1 month for every merged pull request.

Note: Be aware that if you purchase a new subscription from the store with the same email as you have used in your pull requests then the store purchase will overwrite your incurred subscription time. Please check that your subscription time is up before purchasing a new subscription or use a different email address!

Hope to see you on Github!