DS Fn Gradle Plugin

The Fn Project is a new Open Source FAAS (Function-As-A-Service) "serverless" framework by Oracle. In contrast to what Amazon or Google provides this framework is fully open source and can be set up on your local hardware or on any VPC provider.

The Fn Gradle plugin leverages the latest industry standards in building Java and Groovy projects using Gradle. It integrates seamlessly with the Fn Project, both using the client interface as well as remotely running Docker instances.

By integrating with Gradle you as a developer can leverage the whole Java ecosystem as well as the dependency management by Gradle.


With the DS Fn Gradle Plugin you get the following features:

Quickly create and deploy functions with Gradle

The plugin integrates seamlessly with Gradle to provide easy tasks for creating and working with functions bot from the terminal as well as from IDE's like Intellij IDEA or Eclipse.

Gradle dependency management and IDE support

By using Gradle you gain all the features provided by a fully fledged dependency management system for your functions. Along with full autocomplete support for Intellij IDEA this makes a perfect fit for fast function development.

Local development with hot deploy

The plugin integrates seamlessly into Gradle's continuous build feature and allows you to quickly see how the function behaves immediately as you change it.

Simple remote deployment configuration

Deploying your function to a remote server is no different than deploying it locally. All you need is to point your build to the remote Docker registry and FN Server API.

Easily create a new project using Java, Groovy or Kotlin

The plugin supports not only Java, but also Groovy and Kotlin out of the box. Only apply the JVM language Gradle plugin and the plugin will automatically create a function for you.

Open Source Community approved

  • Open Source and under a permissive Apache 2 software license
  • Open Source Community supported project

Support the project

The project is Open Source and hosted at Github. You can easily support the project by submitting features and bug fixes as Pull Requests.

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